A frequent question a lot of parents are asking right now about travel to Italy and the Italy green pass is do children need a green pass to travel in Italy? The answer depends on the age of your children.

Do children need an Italy green pass: Ages 12 and up

In Italy, all adolescents 12 and up need to have a green pass, also known as a certificato verde, if they want to participate in one of the public activities that requires a green pass.

Do children need an Italy green pass: Ages 11 and under

Children 11 and under do not have to show a green pass to participate in the activities that require one for those 12 and over.

So, children need a green pass in Italy for activities that require one currently if they are age 12 or over.

However, all children ages 6 and up are required to show proof of a negative Covid test result upon entry into Italy under current restrictions for entry.

To learn more about Italy entry requirements, visit the Italian board of tourism or the Italian health ministry or use the tool from the Italian foreign ministry on Covid-19 entry requirements to Italy.

italy green pass for dining indoors

Children need an Italy green pass for what activities?

The following activities are the ones most common to tourists that currently require showing a green pass in Italy, as of August 6, 2021:

  • indoor dining at bars and restaurants
  • entry to museums, cultural sites, theaters, cinemas, concerts, stadiums, sporting events, pools, gyms, wellness centers/spas, festivals, conventions, theme parks and cultural centers

Currently, a green pass is not required for access to local public transport, malls, shops and grocery stores.

However, starting September 1, 2021, the green pass will be required on all high-speed trains in Italy (Frecciarossa, Frecciaargento) and Intercity trains, including Intercity Notte. The green pass will also be required on interregional buses.

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