Learn all about ItaliaPass, the place for expert advice and tools for travelers to Italy. Part of a family of brands for “all things Italy,” founded by Inc. 500 entrepreneur Mike Fuller, our over 20 years of experience in helping travelers to Italy have amazing experiences and create lasting memories is what will help make our ItaliaPass community so vibrant and full of insider knowledge and tips.

Our mission is to help you build an Italy travel experience that meets all your personalized needs and exceeds your expectations.

With ItaliaPass, we do this by hosting a free online community for sharing knowledge, learning, and planning Italian travel together, to create unforgettable Italian travel experiences. ItaliaPass community members also get access to lots of travel benefits within the Italia family of brands.

What makes the ItaliaPass community unique?

  • Absolutely free and public – not behind a paywall
  • English-speaking Italy travel experts, some of whom are also based in Italy and fluent in Italian, host the community

Our goal is to help you have the best Italy travel experience possible!

  • pre-trip planning
  • savings on in-Italy transport, accommodation and experiences
  • stay connected with Italy
  • share your travel memories with friends and family
  • plan your next trip back