The vaccination certificate is valid in Italy indefinitely for those with a third dose booster, following a meeting of the Italian cabinet met on February 2. The government decided on new measures including an extension of vaccination certificates beyond six months for those who have completed their booster dose (or have recovered from Covid after completing their initial vaccination cycle).

A valid vaccination or recovery certificate is what is required for a super green pass in Italy.

  • Everyone, both Italian and foreign, who has received a booster dose OR recovered from Covid after completing the initial vaccination cycle, will now have a vaccination/recovery certificate without any expiration date. I.e., the six-month timeframe no longer applies in these cases. (The only possible reason this would change in the future is if and when the EMA and AIFA issue new guidance regarding a fourth dose).
  • Foreign visitors who have vaccination or recovery certificates more than six months old and have only completed their initial vaccination cycle (generally two doses, with the exception of the one-dose J&J vaccine), or have recovered from Covid without having previously completed their initial vaccination cycle, will need to take a rapid antigen test every 48 hours or a PCR test every 72 hours to access venues that require a super green pass.