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The Italian government has produced a chart in Italian outlining super green pass requirements in place from December 6, 2021 to March 31, 2022 (originally until January 15, then later extended). It also shows access requirements to various public activities for people without a green pass and with a basic green pass.

We translated into English the parts from the chart with the most relevant activities for tourists. Scroll down to view or download the chart.

Update January 11, 2022: A basic green pass will be required for access to hair salons, barber shops and estheticians starting January 20, 2022. A basic green pass will be required to access public offices, post offices, banks, stores (except for essential services such as grocery stores and pharmacies) starting February 1, 2022. See New decree mandates basic green pass at stores, salons at our ItaliaPass community.

Update December 30, 2021: The Italian government has decided to further extend the super green pass to even more activities previously permitted with a basic green pass, including hotel stays, outdoor dining and ski lifts. These new restrictions will come into effect January 10, 2022. See New decree on super green pass restrictions at our ItaliaPass community.

Update December 23, 2021: The Italian government is putting further restrictions into place in the coming days, including requiring the super green pass for more activities than currently listed in the chart, such as for entrance to museums and cultural venues, as well as for consuming food or drinks standing at the bar. See New holiday decree restrictions at our ItaliaPass community.

This chart indicates restrictions in place as of January 10, 2022:

Questions about how to get a super green pass? Visit our FAQ page.

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