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New super green pass restrictions will come into effect in Italy starting January 10, 2022 and through the end of the current state of emergency on March 31, 2022, based on a government decree on December 29, 2021.

The additional activities previously allowed with a basic green pass that will require a super green pass (fully vaccinated or recovered) include:

  • outdoor dining
  • public transport including domestic flights, trains, buses, ferries and local/regional transport
  • access to hotels and hotel restaurants
  • ski lifts, funiculars, cable cars
  • conventions and conferences
  • indoor and outdoor pools and wellness centers

The super green pass is valid for nine months from the time of the most recent vaccination for those fully vaccinated (two doses or more), through January 31, 2022. Starting February 1, 2021, super green pass validity will be reduced to six months from the time of the most recent vaccination. 

Recovery certificates will continue to be valid for six months from the validity start date on the certificate.

Questions about how to get a super green pass? Visit our FAQ page.

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